This disclosure policy applies to our forums.


We sell advertising on some of our websites, both directly and indirectly through third party advertising networks and market places. These include graphic, rich media and no followed text based advertisements.

We sell advertisement threads. These are sticky threads featuring a message provided by a sponsor. These threads will be disclosed as an advertisement in the title of the thread and in the post itself, below the advertising message.

Affiliate Links

We use affiliate links wherever possible. These are links that allow us to earn credit or a portion of the proceeds for any sale or action converted by people who click on them.

Sometimes, this is done automatically through a service like Skimlinks that passes all links on our site, including those posted by other people in the forums, through a third party filter to check if the site being linked to has an affiliate program. If so, we will be credited for any sales generated through that link and will receive a portion of the proceeds. The page that is displayed, after being redirected through the filter, will be the page that was initially linked to. At no time is a link redirected to any page other than the one that was originally linked to.

When we manually insert an affiliate link in a post or article where the author will get credit for the sale and is reviewing or endorsing a product or service, we'll disclose this in the actual post or article, to the best of our ability. Because we use services that automatically create affiliate links, we may not always be aware of their inclusion. But, if we are aware, we will disclose them.

Acceptance of Free Products, Services, etc.

We accept free products, services, tickets, invitations and more from companies, organizations and individuals.

If we publish a review, endorsement, post or article related to the free good or service provided (or the reason it was provided) written by the author or someone associated with the organization who benefited from the free good or service, we will disclose it's receipt in the blog post or article to the best of our ability.

We'll Be Honest

However, our opinion is just that: our opinion. It can’t be bought, sold or traded for. We will always aim to review an item or entity in an honest and fair manner - positive or negative. Any and all freebies or perks are accepted with this understanding. If anyone wishes to place a “speak no evil” contingency upon us, we tell them to keep their freebie. We recognize the value of integrity and honesty in our work.

If we have a particular “conflict of interest” that we feel is noteworthy, we will do our very best to disclose it. We are human and things get forgotten. If we have a “conflict of interest” that is a constant on a given website, we will try to include it in our bio, profile or about the author section on that website.

If you ever have any questions about this policy or if you think we may have forgotten to disclose something, please do not hesitate to contact us. Any omissions are accidental and unintended.

Thank you for your interest in the iFroggy Network.